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Lemon Water:You should sip it or skip it?…..

According to My Fitness Pal” Many wellness advocates swear by starting the day with a glass of lemon water. But does it really detoxify or have any other major benefit beyond hydration? Let’s explore the lore of lemon water to decide if you should sip it or skip it”.

MyFitnessPal (MFP) helps you keep track of your daily food and beverage intake, calculating all your nutrients, calories, and vitamins for you. … These devices can track your steps, calories burned, active time, and more. Beyond all that, My Fitness Pal offers a Facebook-like community section. Recently they have confused their readers, whether to drink lemon water or not. They are agreeing that it is good and healthy to drink it right after you wake up, but all it does is not more then hydration…..

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I have been drinking lemon water since last year and I have noticed that not only it keeps me hydrated but also helps me loose weight. Helps me look healthy and keeps my face fair and glowing.


The combination of water and lemon have a synergistic effect on weight control. Drinking water can create the feeling of fullness and take the mind off mindlessly munching on unneeded calories. The addition of lemon adds a slightly tart, refreshing, palate-cleansing effect akin to brushing your teeth that might prevent you from nibbling. It also causes you diarrhea which helps you flush out all the unwanted things in your belly. If you are feeling full and over eaten you can have lemon water to digest you food.


This has nothing to do with the lemon, but having a glass of water first thing in the morning is a great way to hydrate the body after a night of dehydrating sleep. Squeezing in a bit of lemon adds flavor the water without adding sugar or artificial ingredients for those who do not find plain water appealing.

 Lemons have phytonutrient compounds including antioxidants and flavoring that might help boost health aspects related to helping performance. These potential benefits include: stimulating collagen production, which is vital to healthy joints and connective tissue, relieving asthma symptoms, which may otherwise limit outside training, improving cardiovascular health to boost blood flow to working muscles,  increasing  iron absorption which is the biggest nutritional deficiency in athletes, especially women, improving skin complexion from hours spent exposed to the elements training in sunny or polluted conditions.

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Interview+ Fitness.

Palden Choden 18 years old. Pursuing BA Anthropology, first year at Royal Thimphu College.

Q 1: When did you start your weight loss journey?

I started to workout with some exercises from the beginning of this year and also in my six moth holidays.

Q 2: What kind of exercise you do the most to sty and keep feet?

I do squats and crunches mostly to loose my legs and belly fats as they are the most important areas on which every girls work on.

Q 3: How do you manage your time regarding fitness?

I workout most probably, in morning and after my classes that is around 5 to 6. I also go hiking up hill to exercise my thighs. Sometimes I feel lazy to workout hat times I go for a walk or make plan for the weekends (mountain climbing or to hike to Paro etc)

Second interviewee : Jamyang Sherab

Jamyang Sherab pursuing BA Mass communication at Royal Thimphu College.

Q 1: When did you start your weight loss journey?

I started doing gym a couple of months back and my body started to develop and I have quite loosed some weight.

Q 2: What kind of exercise you do the most to sty and keep feet?

most of the time I run on tread mill and do biceps curls, cable tower, abdominal crunch and leg extension exercises.

Q 3: How do you manage your time regarding fitness?

Regarding working out in the gym I go in the morning 6:00 am and evening 6:00 pm. I also do extra workouts during weekends because I am free during this time so I prefer working out in weekends more then the regular exercise.

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Some tips on dieting

Kayla itsines does many exercises to lose her weight and to stay healthy, not only that she also has her diet according to her daily exercise. Recently she told her followers and readers her new diet plan for this week and it was a healthy fruit extracted juice and a flour type, a whole meal bread. I tried her diet plan with the fruit extracted juice and flour made noodles which are completely nutritious and good for health. The juice I have tried is a basil seed drink with a pomegranate flavor and very hydrating.   

Secondly, I tried flour made noodle without oil and cheese. It makes the meal light and contains fewer carbohydrates which make us feel good and fresh. She recommends us to take this diet during lunch time because we sweat more during lunch hour and this will help us gain our strength. Since it does not contains more fats we can try it and through my experience it rely feels light and fresh, not tired after lunch or feeling sleepy.

Thank you all for visiting my blog 🙂


My inspiration


Kayla Itsines a fitness blogger whom I have followed and refers to is very energetic blogger and a fitness expert. She is married to Tobi pearce who was her long term best friend for one year and then to a boy friend .They lived together for over four years and knew each other’s likes and dislikes so she said “Yes” for his proposal. The recently trending news about Kayla is she   proudly gave birth to a baby girl named Arna Leia Pearce in April. Though she was Pregnant she never gave up on doing her regular exercises and never felt lazy to go to gym and start with her workouts. She is considered as a very great mother as well as a fitness trainer. After her come back she said she is feeling very motivated and also said that fitness is her passion. She is not  posing  her workouts  to show how much weight  she is losing or how much she can transform, it’s just that she is motivating all the women and supporting women to get up and can do it, even after  baby bearing period. She is my idol and I am following her to get motivating comments on my blog too. She understands that after giving birth women cannot gather her strength like before and land up getting bigger and lazy which is not healthy as a mother and as a human being. I want to be same like her and want to motivate my followers like she did and I  am very proud to write this blog and will keep on updating my readers on my workouts and diet plans.


How I started my weight loss journey

Hello everyone

Lately, I have being trying yoga poses to lose weight. Some of the poses I have been trying are Tad asana, Adhomukhasavanasana, Bhujangasana and wall yoga it helps to reduce belly fat and helps you feel energetic. I am following the fitness blogger Kayla Itsines (@ Kayla itsines) to understand what she is doing to keep herself fit and what I should do to keep fit.

It was hard in the beginning. I fell down, and my legs were swollen but I didn’t give up. The other day it was a bit easy, that is the result of practice.

Every day at 6am I take my yoga mat and into my balcony practice with some simple yoga poses, then followed with the difficult poses.  
It took me six months to learn to balance myself in Adhomukhasvanasana pose because it needs concentration though it seems easy. The bound headstand pose is also the hardest pose to get skilled to. So I fell down and now I can balance myself on my head.
Apart from yoga I also do crunches as they help me focus on the stubborn fat around my belly

I started with 50, and then practiced, and now I can do a 100 crunches. They gave me so much pain at the beginning, where it used to hurt even when I laughed or bent but it was worth doing.

I weighed 83 kg? When I was in my lower and high school, but now my weight has reduced to 67(kg) all because of my determination to lose weight and I have been practicing the above stated exercises to lose my fats.

When I was in my 10 grade I use to watch fitness videos posted by others and practiced them. But they didn’t work because I didn’t take it seriously and thought they are very hard, but then I slowly learnt my own body’s strength and weaknesses. I then learned about the workouts that work for me and started doing them.

If you think this will help you also, then you can join me on the fitness journey, which is not just about losing weight by maintaining it.